Our future depends on how we think and come together to solve problems and seek new frontiers. Thinking, coming together, solving problems and seeking new frontiers is the storyline of human progress. These are also elements of learning.

In contrast with learning, education systems are focused on goal orientation. Most are a product of working backwards from producing people with a certain set of skills that can be deployed towards pre-defined goals – manufacturing, engineering, management etc.

Among many trends that impact education systems, two seem to impact learning and education the most.

  • One, information is easily accessible outside institutions and in different formats. If you know how you learn, you might be able to do without a pre-set system. We are realizing that our ability to learn gets honed young, from zero to eight. As we live longer lives, the ability to learn to create and adapt to the future will increase in importance.

  • Two, in this situation, working with talent to let it perform to its innate potential and not steer it towards pre-defined outcomes alone will determine what futures we create. Focus on learning and following potential instead of sprinting towards a goal is turning education systems on its head.

These systems are suspended in a fluid world. Urbanization, smaller families with less support from a community and technology as first response more than human interaction are shaping our reality.

How we collaborate, our sources of inspiration and learning from our projects will help shape this future.

We are curious what your view of the future looks like. Get in touch to write, share or work with us.