Yuval noah harari on the future of education

Yuval Noah Harari and Russel Brand on education at a talk with students which outlines that the ability to focus, emotional intelligence and resilience are critical. Key takeways:

  • Be governed by your quest – having a topic you want to learn about will give you room for mastery

  • Be a learner – knowing how you learn and how to learn will matter

  • Ideologies across nations are important – you need to know how to think across borders (nations states are carved by man)

Financial Times, sep 2018 – reform is complex, politically sensitive and impact can be hard to achieve 

Landmark article on the political sensitivity, precariousness and potential for education reform. Key takeaways:

  • The maximum potential for reform is at two ends of the education spectrum – the early years and post school

  • We know high quality human leadership – teachers and principals help a lot. It is a challenge of have many of those people.